Lo-Tow® Automatic Pallet Truck Conveyor System

The new Lo-Tow® is an in-floor conveyor system that is designed to improve operator productivity and accuracy. Operators simply load their pallet trucks and bring them over to the nearest towline station. They scan the destination, engage the towpin and the pallet truck will automatically be delivered to the correct location in minutes.

The Low-Tow in-floor towline conveyor system can be used in distribution centers, cross-docking centers, mail sorting centers, manufacturing, production and assembly areas. The same installed towline conveyor system can be used for pallet trucks, roller carts, custom carriers and other devices.

Because the Lo-Tow in-floor conveyor system is flush with the floor, traffic can easily move over the conveyor. This eliminates the impact of dividing the accessibility of a warehouse floor that traditional conveyor does.