Deck Wire

We offer a large inventory of used and new wire decking. Wire decking is a metal mesh that you can put over your pallet racks to provide support and ensure safety for the products that you store in your warehouse. Wire decks are simple to install and a favorite among warehouse owners because they ensure safety for employees by preventing products from falling off high pallet racks.

There are 3 main types of wire decking:

Standard: Standard (aka step) style decking with waterfalls sit in the steps of rack beams. The support channels on the beam steps and the waterfall wraps over the top of the beam.

Universal: This style of wire deck features a flared flange at each end. The flange allows these decks to be used with either box or step beams. As with step style, a waterfall wraps around the beam.

Flush: This style is exactly the same as standard style – only they do not have a waterfall that wraps around the rack beam. This style deck gives pallet racking a nice, clean look.

Used and new wire deck
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