Top 10 Tips When Setting Up a New Warehouse

Moving to a new warehouse can be a lot of work, but it can also be an opportunity to become extremely efficient. If you are lucky enough to build your own, you can design it to your exact specifications to make sure your storage, receiving and shipping improves efficiency and your warehouse workers will me motivated because their jobs will be safer and easier.

Here are the top 10 tips in setting up a new warehouse!

  1. Floor plan layouts should have the obvious areas for receiving, shipping and storage but don’t forget to add an area for your warehouse staff to relax.  A small employee lounge with a couch, a small fridge and a coffee maker can make a big difference.
  2. The type of racking or shelves you buy is important. Invest in some quality racks and shelves that will last a long time and withstand daily wear and tear.  Make sure they are secured to the walls and floor to ensure safety. Also allow for plenty of space between the units so all stocks are easily accessible.
  3. Have a separate storage area for items such as cartons, boxes, packing filler and packing tape.
  4. Make sure there is no racking for shelving around the loading dock area so forklifts and warehouse staff is unobstructed.
  5. Make sure there are clearly defined shipping and receiving areas with open work spaces.
  6. Create an office space that is away from the warehouse.
  7. Warning and safety signs should be clearly displayed in all the right places.
  8. Make sure there are skips close to the warehouse so that trash doesn’t clutter the workspace.
  9. Put mats in areas where warehouse staff has to stand for a long time. For example, at packing stations.
  10. If you have 5 or more warehouse workers, consider using warehouse management software.  It will streamline operations and make daily life easier for all your employees.  It will also make you more efficient and save you money!