Used Pallet Rack Buying Guide

If you are a big manufacturer, you store your goods in a warehouse.  You warehouse will have rows of pallet racks with pallets full of materials or goods that you produce. Pallet racks must be strong, durable and in some cases, they need to be able to handle several hundred pounds. Brand new pallet racks can be very expensive so a lot of warehouse owners will try to save some money by buying used pallet racks.  It is important to buy your used racks from a company that only resells quality products, for the safety of you and your employees. Allied Warehouse Equipment East only resells quality used pallet racks that have been tested for durability.  It is the utmost importance to us that our products will not fail.

Before buying pallet racks, you must choose the style that best fits your needs. Depending on the material you are storing in your warehouse, you may need the standard pallet rack, drive in racks where you can fit a forklift, cantilever racks for oddly shaped or long items or carton flow racks to make moving items for shipping extremely easy.

After you have decided on a style of pallet rack, you will need the right measurements. You will need to know the width, height and depth of the pallets you are planning to use. When the pallets are places on the racks, they should have little space in between them. The height of the uprights depend on the height of the material you are planning to put on them. If you plan on having multiple levels of racks, you have to invest in heavy-duty, high-capacity pallet racking to ensure safety.

There are a lot of factors when planning on the layout of a warehouse.  For help with warehouse design or just to choose what kind of pallet racking you need, give us a call at 508-660-7900.