Warehouse Equipment in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the warehouse industry is continually growing. More and more companies are opening warehouse facilities or even taking advantage of abandoned warehouses and put them back into good use. These new facilities all need pallet racking systems and material handling equipment to operate.  Recently, the F.W. Webb Company of Bedford, MA announced that they will be expanding into Pennsylvania. The new 64,000 square foot warehouse will be in Allentown, right next to Lehigh Valley International Airport.

The warehouse will be stocked with propane, plumbing, heating, HVAC and refrigeration equipment and supplies.

The general manager of F.W. Webb, Pete Dwyer, said,” Business in the Lehigh Valley area is growing at a rapid pace and we see an opportunity to play a key role in the region’s resurgence.”

If you are building a new warehouse in Pennsylvania and need quality used warehouse equipment including pallet racks, uprights, wire decking or any other type of material handling equipment, give Allied Warehouse Equipment East a call at 877- 225-2220. We ship anywhere on the east coast!