Warehouse Safety Hazards and How to Avoid Them

If you’ve worked in the warehouse or material handling equipment industry, you know that accidents can happen and people can get injured.  We want to highlight the most common hazards in a warehouse and bring awareness to these potential accidents and hopefully minimize them.

Heavy Equipment Accidents – When employees are working with heavy equipment such has fork lifts, it can be dangerous if you underestimate the danger of these machines. It’s important to be aware off all your surroundings when driving a forklift.  Not only can you hit equipment like pallet racks, you need to watch out for other employees when driving.

Slips and Trips – Slipping and tripping are more common than you think! A good way to avoid a slip is to eliminate loose material on the ground like sawdust, liquids and boxes.  Get rid of unnecessary steps or ridges and be sure all work areas are well lit. Anti-slip floor tape can be used for problem areas.

Falls – A large majority of warehouse injuries are because of falls. When working on loading docks, remember your training and stay aware of your surroundings. Use the guard rails if you must.

Fires – Fires can destroy an entire warehouse in a matter of minutes.  It is important to keep your fire suppression system up to date and make sure all employees are aware of the fire exits.  All worn and exposed wired should be replaced, clean up leaking flammable fluids or gases immediately and do not run electrical cords under carpets.

Crushed – When working around heavy materials or equipment, it is important that all employees are trained and aware of the dangers. Be wary of heavy equipment falling from higher pallet racks.

Moving Parts – Always pay attention when you are working around machinery with moving parts. Failure to do so can result in significant permanent injuries or death.

Lack of Safety Education – The best way to prevent accidents is education.  A safe warehouse is an efficient warehouse. Be sure all employees are well versed in warehouse safety protocol.